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Coupons.com Incorporated is a leader in digital coupons. We operate a promotion platform that connects great brands and retailers with consumers through Web, mobile and social channels. Our company is transforming the multi-billion dollar promotions industry into the digital world.

Over 2,000 brands from approximately 700 consumer packaged goods companies, or CPGs, and many of the leading grocery, drug and mass merchandise retailers, use our platform to reach consumers at the critical moments when they are deciding what to buy and where to shop.

We deliver digital coupons to consumers, including printable coupons, save-to-card coupon and coupon codes for e-commerce. We also sell advertising for our online and mobile properties. We have built out the largest network of retailers and publishers, spanning more than  61,000 store locations in North America and approximately 30,000 third-party websites.

Our main site, Coupons.com, receives more than 17 million unique visitors a month on average, and millions of consumers use our popular Coupons.com and Grocery iQ mobile apps. Coupons generated revenue from over 1.6 billion transactions in 2014.

Management Team

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Corporate Responsibility

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Our Clients

Our client roster includes thousands of consumer packaged goods companies, as well as top grocery, drug and mass retailers and spans more than 61,000 retail store locations.

  • A&PA&P
  • Burger KingBurger King
  • CloroxClorox
  • Duane ReedDuane Reed
  • The GapThe Gap
  • General MillsGeneral Mills
  • Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson
  • KelloggsKelloggs
  • Kimberly ClarkKimberly Clark
  • KmartKmart
  • KrogerKroger
  • SafewaySafeway
  • WalgreensWalgreens

Our History

The Beginning. Steven Boal founded Coupons.com Incorporated in 1998 shortly after seeing his father-in-law descend the stairs early on a Sunday morning, trudge out the front door to get the newspaper and then camp out at his kitchen table where he sat clipping coupons over morning coffee.

Intrigued, Steven knew there had to be a better way. He researched the industry and found that while everything was changing around him yet the coupon business had not changed in essentially thirty years.

The company spent three painstaking years developing the technology to enable digital coupons to work for the manufacturers, which issue coupons, and the retailers, which redeem them. Coupons are essentially printed money, and manufacturers required strict security and print limits in digital coupons before they could recognize digital as a viable option for their promotions.

After the security and print controls were in place, the company had another major hurdle to overcome: how to get the manufacturers to shift their promotions budgets to digital.

In April 2001—almost three years after the launch of the company—the Coupons.com team issued its first digital coupon on a client’s website. Two months later the company launched a destination website—now Coupons.com—where consumers could go for an aggregated collection of coupon offers.

Coupons.com was the change agent for the massive coupon industry, enabling coupons to be digital, accessible 24/7, and available anywhere the Net or the mobile phone allowed. More and more consumers are making digital coupons a part of their shopping routine—accessing them across the entire digital domain, including the web, social media, consumer electronics, mobile phones, etc. At the same time, brand marketers are increasingly engaging with consumers via digital offers, influencing shoppers throughout their path to purchase. And Coupons.com is making it all possible.

Today Coupons.com Incorporated is a leader in digital coupons, powering more than 1.6 billion coupon transactions in 2014.

Industry Overview
Since Coca-Cola introduced a coupon in the late 1800s, CPGs and retailers have used coupons and other promotions as a core tool to increase sales and drive awareness of their products. However, the effectiveness of promotions distributed through traditional channels, such as newspapers and direct mail, has declined as a result of changes in consumer behavior.


In 2014, 310 billion total CPG coupons were distributed, representing an aggregate discount value of $533 billion, with 2.75 billion redeemed representing an aggregate discount value of $3.6 billion, according to an annual industry report by NCH Marketing Services, Inc., or NCH, a provider of coupon audit

and settlement services. Increasingly, CPGs, retailers and restaurants are directing a greater proportion of their spending to digital promotions.


In contrast to traditional print promotions, digital coupons are redeemed at higher rates and are more effective. According to an annual industry report by NCH, in 2014, digital coupons (including print-at-home and paperless coupons) represented less than 2% of total U.S. CPG coupon distribution volume, but accounted for more than 10% of total U.S. CPG coupon redemptions. The simplicity of digital coupons is broadening the demographic reach and driving the increased use of digital coupons.

Research firm eMarketer, Inc projected that nearly 121 million U.S. adults would use digital coupons in 2015.


The combination of continued CPG and retailer promotion spending, strong consumer demand for digital coupons and the greater effectiveness of digital coupons will offer significant opportunities for a solution that can effectively bring together CPGs, retailers and consumers on a digital promotion platform that addresses the challenges that each face, further accelerating the shift from traditional to digital promotions.


Number of global brands who we enable with digital marketing initiatives


Coupons.com users make 25% more shopping trips than the average


Coupons.com users spend 13% more than the average shopper per shopping trip


Coupons.com users spend 42% more dollars than the average shopper.

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